February, 2014

Our view is that the overall UK job market for tax and finance professionals has stabilised and is gradually improving for those searching for new opportunities. From the summer of 2003, the market has been much busier – there has been much more recruitment transacted within the FTSE 100 companies, and banking/financial sector has relaxed many of the headcount freezes that we experienced in 2001-2003 period. A number of US/overseas groups have also stepped up their recruitment in the UK following dramatic cost reduction exercises. The professional services firms are working very hard to attract the best candidates to their practices.

However, it is still not straight forward for those seeking the next challenge or a step up in their careers. Organisations that are recruiting can quickly find a suitable shortlist of candidates, and getting on to the shortlist for the job you really want can often feel out of reach. Patience is required, monitoring the advertised job sections is essential, and having access to a wide network of contacts will prove very valuable.

If you feel that you need to step up your job search, or just need a confidential discussion and advice, please give us a call. If we cannot immediately help you, we will be very happy to put you in touch with others that can.