How do we recruit?

Finding the perfect or ideal candidate quickly and cost-effectively is not easy – in any market.  Talentpool would meet with you to discuss the details of a particular role and the exact technical skills required, and then advise on one or a combination of the following methods:

Executive Search & Placement
This method lends itself well to either a senior level appointment (e.g. Group Tax Director / Head of Team) or within a sector/discipline where there is an acute shortage of candidates.

This method would be conducted on a retained assignment basis, and would typically include bespoke research of the market to identify highly skilled and well matched candidates. We would approach target candidates, and conduct detailed interviewing/assessment techniques to assess their match to a role, team and organisation, leading to the delivery of a high calibre shortlist.

Marketing the Opportunity
Depending on the level of the appointment and technical discipline, we would advise carefully on the choice of media for advertising. We believe the best approach is marketing an opportunity on-line and across social media platforms.  We find that our on-line sector specific network of contacts on platforms such as LinkedIn can generate great results when searching for candidates for specialised roles.

Talentpool network
We also tap into our extensive network of ‘off-line’ contacts in your market to get referrals of potential candidates, particularly in a situation where there is a scarcity of appropriate candidates.

Database of CVs
This is a detailed review of our current and back database of candidates, leading to potential candidates that we feel are appropriate to put forward for a particular role.  By employing Talentpool for a candidate search, you are getting immediate access to a range of highly targeting candidates for tax or tax technology roles from a database built up over many years.  Talentpool ensures that you will not be wasting time flicking through large volumes of inappropriate candidate CVs. We can also quickly provide CVs for consideration for fixed term contract or temporary roles.

The choice of method will be largely influenced by the level and specialism of the appointment, your own recruitment processes, and the urgency of the appointment. Often, it will be necessary to adopt a combination of the above methods in order to create the best quality shortlist of candidates within the time limitations.

Who do we recruit?