The Tax Director of tomorrow

Accounting and Business - July 2012

Simon Godley participates in a roundtable discussion on the future role of the Tax Director, hosted by the ACCA and Thomson Reuters.

Is Tax Technology the future for tax, or just a phase?

Tax Careers - October 2010

Simon Godley reviews the current and future career prospects within Tax Technology.

Credit crunch? What about the tax profession?

Tax Careers - November 2008

Simon Godley reflects on how the tax jobs market is likely to behave in the current economic climate.

The tax world after a career break - the way back in

Tax Careers - October 2007

Simon Godley offers some guidance on how to re-establish your tax career after a period outside the market.

Who says it's a great market?

Tax Careers - March 2007

Simon Godley's current view on the state of the in-house tax market.

Now what?

Tax Careers - August 2006

Simon Godley takes a look, from a recruiter's perspective, on what passing the CTA qualification means, and potential next steps.

Making the leap into industry

Tax Careers - March 2006

Simon Godley advises tax professionals on making the first move in-house.

Making a mark in industry

Tax Careers - November 2005

Simon Godley outlines opportunities for tax professionals within the commerce & industry market.